How can you recover your twitter account password without using your phone?

If you were lost your old phone and cannot get any notification code, even you remember your email and number, you just find the ways to recover Twitter password in a direct way. Actually, the twitter account recovery is possible with a valid email address and you know telephone number. Even, you can also send a password reset yourself through email. During the recovery process, you just want to enter your phone number, email address or twitter username. If you have so many accounts linked with your mobile number, you cannot even utilize your phone number during this step. In this case, you need to select the email address, where you need to get the password reset email. When it comes to the recovery process, the twitter will instantly send a message to your account’s email address, so you have to check your email inbox. In that email, you have to click on a reset link and then select a new password. Such password reset links included in this email are time sensitive, so you have to click on that link. If it does not work, you have to request a new one and also use that link as fast as you can.

Steps to find your lost twitter account

Most probably, the twitter will redirect you to reset your password by using a mobile. During the reset process, the user can request the support team to obtain a password via email. In this simple way, any twitter user can easily obtain their twitter account back more safely without even any risk. After completing this task more successfully, you want to prove your authenticity. If you need to find your lost twitter account, here are a few steps to be followed that include:

  • Initially, go to the password reset page
  • Enter your email address or phone number
  • Finally, twitter will send your password reset link to the linked email address and you can ensure that to verify and conform it.

Bypass the twitter phone verification for new account

In general, the twitter gives the best option for the users to recover Twitter password manually for their deactivate accounts. After doing so, there is 30 day countdown starts. During these days, the users are free to reactivate their accounts by just signing in. When you are getting a chance of this window, this account is permanently removed as soon as possible.